Turn any text into a language course in a few clicks

Upload your text

Upload any text to Lingvist’s Custom Decks tool and turn it into a personal minicourse.

Expand your deck

Want to learn related vocabulary? In one click, let Lingvist add semantically similar words to your custom learning deck.

Customize every detail

Custom Decks allow you to tailor your deck to your needs. Select different example sentences or delete the words you don’t need.

Learn at your own pace

Once you have created a new vocabulary deck, you can access, use, and edit it at any time.

How Lingvist users are benefiting from custom courses


    Upload a news article in a foreign language to the Custom Decks tool to create a new course with all the words you don’t know yet. The next time you read the article, you’ll understand every single word!


    Insert the specialized vocabulary you would like to master word by word. For example, create a custom learning course about food or travel, everyday expressions, business vocabulary, etc.


    Use the “Expand your course” tool to add 20 semantically related words to your learning deck. Keep repeating the exercise a few times to create a personal language course with 100+ new expressions.

How does the
Custom Decks tool work?

Customer stories

“This app is great”

This app is great. I just found the feature to scan a text you want to learn and it BLEW MY MIND!

Ana from Madrid, learning Portuguese

“That’s exactly what I’d been looking for!”

The best app to improve vocabulary – I’m absolutely satisfied with its method. That’s exactly what I’d been looking for! Most apps give you only a word and a translation, but that’s the wrong way, as learning a word in context is a lot more effective. Thanks for the opportunity to add my own decks!

Daniel from Berlin, learning French

“This is amazing!”

The feature to drag a .txt file and create a deck is incredible. Do you understand how much time I will save? This is amazing!

Jess from New York, learning Spanish

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