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Corporate language training to grow your business

Lingvist for Business offers online corporate language training created by scientists to empower teams across the world.

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One subscription,
multiple languages

One subscription, multiple languages

English Spanish French German Russian Japanese Korean Italian Spanish (Latin America) Estonian Portuguese Dutch Polish Swedish Danish Norwegian

Benefits of corporate language training

For your company:

  • Enhance employee retention Enhance employee retention
  • Expand to new markets Expand to new markets
  • Facilitate integration for your
    international employees
    Facilitate integration for your international employees
  • Offer your team an educational perk Offer your team an educational perk
  • Increase employee engagement Increase employee engagement

For your employees:

  • Gain a new skill Gain a new skill
  • Improve communication with coworkers, partners, and clients Improve communication with coworkers, partners, and clients
  • Keep your brain active
    and healthy
    Keep your brain active and healthy
  • Better memory,
    and critical-thinking skills
    Better memory, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills
  • Learn more than one language at a time Learn more than one language at a time

The science behind Lingvist

What makes Lingvist for Business the best option for your company? Our secret to success is based on science and repetition.

Smart algorithms

Lingvist is powered by a spaced repetition algorithm that ensures you learn the right words at the right time. All you have to do is learn and repeat – Lingvist takes care of the rest!

Personalized learning

The Lingvist experience is tailored to each learner right from the beginning. Complete beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our placement test positions every learner at the right level, so they can start learning the most relevant words immediately.

Progress tracking and statistics

Every team member can follow their learning in detail with insights to help them visualize their language level, words mastered, and vocabulary to study. As a company, you can track your team’s progress through Lingvist Classroom.

Business language training with Lingvist


Your team will achieve faster progress by completing just 50 cards or studying for 10 minutes every day with no distractions, no ads, and bite-sized lessons. Use Lingvist on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Real-life vocabulary

Learn the most common vocabulary first. These words cover 80% of everyday scenarios and come with an example sentence and grammar information to provide contextualized learning.

Companies that have chosen
language training with Lingvist

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SOS Lasteküla

The employees of SOS Lasteküla are scattered all over Estonia and work according to different schedules. Because of this, conventional language learning in a group is not a suitable solution for us. It is important to us that everyone who wants to can develop language skills and that learning be available to employees at the time, amount, place, and most convenient way possible. Lingvist has created a very good opportunity for this! By using the app, our employees have learned various languages. Our Russian-speaking employees have been especially happy to learn Estonian with the help of Lingvist. Use of the app provides the necessary flexibility for learning and supports the development of self-management skills and digital competence at the same time as language learning.

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Cooperation with the Lingvist team has been quick and seamless, and all questions that have arisen have always been answered immediately. The first demo introduction was very clearly structured, and we got a comprehensive overview of the service. The initial one-month trial period gave our employees the chance to get acquainted with the app and understand whether they’d like to continue their language studies.

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Lingvist has been a game-changer. Their focus on frequently used words and the way in which it adapts to each user, has managed to break the usual barrier to learning new languages.

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Experience Lingvist for Business


    Our team will introduce you to the Lingvist experience, featuring smart algorithms, efficient learning, and custom language courses.


    Take a look around, check all the features, and test the app for yourself – we have a free trial period. Ask us about it!


    Need help with onboarding? The Lingvist team will support you every step of the way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Classroom feature?

You can follow this video tutorial to learn how to use the Classroom feature. 

How can my employees use the vouchers?

Once they have received their vouchers, students (your employees) can redeem them in a few steps:

  1. Go to our sign in page
  2. Sign in (or create an account if you haven’t already)
  3. Go to Account > Subscription and click on “Subscribe to Lingvist”
  4. Select “Redeem it here” in the voucher field
  5. Enter the code and press “Apply”
  6. Select the desired subscription, if necessary
  7. Fill in card information, if necessary, and press “Subscribe/Purchase”

Please note that the voucher codes can only be redeemed on our website by following the steps above. The codes are not intended to work on the Apple Store or any other platform.

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