The 12 Best Apps to Learn Spanish

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Are you looking for the best apps to learn Spanish online? You have indeed found the right article. Get comfortable and grab a notebook and a coffee, because you’re about to read a curated list of the best resources to learn Spanish at your own pace.

The Spanish language, with its rich cultural heritage and widespread global influence, stands as a palpable thread connecting 21 countries and over 487 million native speakers across the globe. Speaking Spanish is an understandable, beautiful, and practical wish. Multiple sources place it in the top 5 most popular and widely spoken languages in the world.

Our team of linguists knows how important learning Spanish is for business and human connections. Whether you’re preparing for a leisurely escapade through the diverse landscapes of Spanish-speaking countries or gearing up for a professional expedition in the heart of Latin America, the importance of refining your grasp of the good old español cannot be overstated.

Continue reading to check out the best apps for learning Spanish online and at your own pace. 

Best Spanish learning apps

Learn Spanish with Lingvist

1. Lingvist

This language learning app uses an algorithm that works with AI to enhance your Spanish learning faster than with traditional methods. The platform is ad-free and works excellently on smartphones as well as on desktop. The best thing about Lingvist is how intuitive, user-friendly, and clean it is. 

Lingvist works differently from traditional methods because you can learn Spanish starting right from the vocabulary that is used most frequently in real-life conversations in the language. This approach will help you learn the words in Spanish that are essential for navigating any conversation with native Spanish speakers.  

This app helps beginners get their hands on the basics, such as Spanish greetings, while it also lets intermediate and more advanced users get a grasp on the nuances of the Spanish language. 

Lingvist uses a spaced repetition algorithm to help you build up your Spanish vocabulary, and, even better, remember it by repeating the words that you struggle with most at the right time until they are safe in your memory.


  • Rapid vocabulary acquisition through optimized learning methods
  • Customizable learning experience aligned with individual interests and daily life
  • Integration of spaced repetition and AI for effective learning retention and progression
  • Easy progress tracking 


  • Requires initiative to find external conversational partners for practical language practice
  • A paid subscription is needed to continue learning after the free trial


The subscription plans include an annual plan at €79.99 with a 14-day free trial, followed by a monthly plan at €9.99, and a Lingvist for Business option tailored to corporate language learning needs. You can find detailed pricing comparisons on Lingvist's official website.

Learn Spanish with Duolingo

2. Duolingo

Duolingo makes language learning feel like a game, and the popularity of this app comes from its gamified approach to language learning. It offers a comprehensive curriculum for various languages, including Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish for free as a relaxing hobby, then Duolingo is good for beginners and intermediate learners. If you don’t already know how it works, Duolingo provides the Spanish learner with interactive exercises, personalized learning paths, and a focus on vocabulary building, grammar explanations, and pronunciation through listening exercises.


  • Gamified learning experience, convenient accessibility across multiple devices, and a strong emphasis on building vocabulary and basic language skills.
  • It sends you notifications to remember your streak and keep you motivated.


  • Limited focus on in-depth cultural insights and advanced conversational skills.
  • It might not be the best option if you want to take your language learning seriously.


  • Duolingo offers a free version with in-app purchases and a premium subscription for an ad-free experience with unlimited “hearts” (to allow you to study without restrictions), additional features, and offline access.

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3. Lingopie

Are you a cinema or TV series enthusiast? You can learn Spanish by watching movies with Lingopie. This app emphasizes immersive learning through TV shows and movies in Spanish, offering a unique approach to language acquisition.

The app is a good fit for you if you are an intermediate or an advanced learner seeking to enhance your listening skills, cultural understanding, and comprehension through authentic Spanish content with interactive subtitles, translations, and vocabulary explanations, fostering a deeper understanding of colloquial expressions and cultural nuances.


  • Immersive learning experience
  • Exposure to authentic language usage and cultural context through popular media


  • Limited structured learning materials
  • Potentially challenging for absolute beginners


Lingopie offers various subscription plans that go from €5.99 a month to €199 for lifetime access, with a 7-day trial period.

Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone

4. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Inc. is an American education technology software company that develops language, literacy, and brain fitness software. This language learning program offers an extensive curriculum for learning Spanish, focused on building a strong foundation in the language.

Rossetta Stone works well for beginner and intermediate learners seeking a structured and comprehensive approach to mastering Spanish, including a focus on pronunciation and conversational skills.

This app to learn Spanish online at your own pace emphasizes interactive audio lessons, speech recognition technology, and a spaced repetition system to facilitate language retention. It also provides grammar explanations and cultural insights to enhance the learning experience.


  • Emphasis on immersive learning without translation
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering various language skills
  • Speech recognition technology for improving pronunciation 


  • May not provide extensive opportunities for real-life conversation practice
  • Limited focus on grammar explanations and cultural insights


Rosetta Stone typically offers a 3-day free trial with programs for businesses and schools.

Learn Spanish with Lingoda

5. Lingoda

Lingoda is an online language school that offers live classes and personalized learning plans for students interested in mastering Spanish. It focuses on providing a structured and interactive learning experience.

This school accommodates individuals looking for interactive, instructor-led classes and a comprehensive approach to mastering the Spanish language. Lingoda offers live classes with qualified teachers, interactive learning materials, and personalized study plans tailored to the specific needs and goals of each student. 


  • Live interactive classes with qualified instructors, personalized learning plans, and a comprehensive approach to mastering Spanish language skills.


  • Relatively higher cost compared to self-paced learning apps, scheduling constraints for live classes, and limited flexibility for self-study.


The prices vary from €12.5 to €8.5 a class, depending on the number of classes you choose. It also provides a 7-day trial. 

Learn Spanish with FluentU

6. FluentU

FluentU is a language learning platform that focuses on improving language skills through engaging and authentic video content, catering to various languages, including Spanish. It emphasizes contextual learning through real-world videos.

This app appeals to all levels of Spanish and offers real-world video content that’s entertaining, timely, and ideal for language learners that want to practice their listening.

FluentU utilizes interactive video lessons, dynamic subtitles, and multimedia flashcards to provide learners with an immersive and contextual learning experience.


  • Engaging and authentic video content for immersive learning, emphasis on contextual understanding, and interactive multimedia tools for vocabulary building and comprehension.


  • Limited focus on structured grammar lessons, potentially less effective for learners who prefer to follow an organized style of learning Spanish, and may require supplemental resources for comprehensive language acquisition.


You can get a subscription for $29.99 billed monthly or $96 charged yearly, with a 14-day trial period.

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7. Ella Verbs

Ella Verbs describes itself as “The verb app for serious Spanish learners” and focuses on verb conjugation drills. It is aimed at beginner and intermediate users looking to improve a specific part of the Spanish language. It offers 30+ guided levels of bite-sized lessons and interactive quizzes, advanced progress, and the most detailed verb library available.


  • It is specialized in verb conjugations
  • It offers some extra learning features like tracking your weak points


  • Limited scope beyond verb conjugation, potentially less engaging for those seeking a holistic language learning experience beyond this aspect of Spanish grammar


Free with the possibility to upgrade to a premium plan. It offers a free trial.

Learn Spanish with Memrise

8. Memrise

If you want to learn Spanish online with interactive exercises, Memrise utilizes mnemonic techniques and spaced repetition to help users memorize vocabulary and language concepts effectively.

Memrise is suitable for learners of all levels and offers a range of interactive exercises, quizzes, and mnemonic devices to aid users in memorizing and retaining vocabulary. 


  • Native speaker videos
  • Effective use of mnemonic techniques for vocabulary retention
  • Spaced repetition system for optimized memory retention
  • Community-created content for diverse learning experiences
  • AI language partner 


  • May not provide in-depth grammar instruction or advanced language concepts
  • Limited focus on conversational practice and cultural insights


From €10.99 a month to €149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

These are the 12 best apps to learn Spanish

9. Tandem

Language exchange is a must when you are learning Spanish. Tandem is an app that facilitates language learning through conversation with native speakers. It offers a platform for users to practice their Spanish language skills in real-time conversations with language buddies. If you feel that you have a good vocabulary but tend to get nervous when it comes to speaking, this app would be a great fit for you.

Tandem allows learners of all levels to connect with native Spanish speakers for language exchange through text, audio, and video chats, fostering an immersive and practical learning environment. It emphasizes real-world communication and cultural exchange.


  • Real-time practice with native speakers, cultural exchange opportunities, and a supportive community for language learners seeking conversational fluency


  • Dependent on finding compatible language partners, potential scheduling challenges for communication across different time zones, and a need for external resources for structured learning


Tandem provides a free version and a pro subscription that costs $13.99 per month, $31.99 for 3 months ($10.67 per month), or $79.99 for 12 months ($6.67 per month).

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10. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a language learning program renowned for its audio-based lessons and emphasis on conversational skills. It offers a comprehensive curriculum for learning Spanish.

Suited to learners of all levels, Pimsleur is particularly effective for individuals looking to improve their conversational skills and pronunciation in Spanish through audio-based lessons and interactive exercises.

According to their website: “You don’t learn rules, vocabulary lists or grammar out of context. You acquire your new language by listening, mimicking and answering questions – the same way you mastered your native language as a child”.


  • Emphasis on conversational skills and pronunciation, audio-based learning for improved listening comprehension, and practical application in real-world settings


  • Limited emphasis on written language skills, potentially less effective for visual language learners, and may require supplemental resources for comprehensive language proficiency


You can find 5 courses on the webpage from level 1 to 5, and each level costs $150.00.

Master Spanish with these 12 apps

11. Drops

Drops is a language learning app that focuses on visual learning and vocabulary acquisition through gamified exercises and interactive challenges. It offers a unique and engaging approach to learning Spanish at your own pace.

This app was created for visual learners who have just begun their learning journey and are seeking to expand their vocabulary. It also works for you if you are at an intermediate level and aiming to improve your Spanish language skills through interactive and visually appealing exercises.

Drops utilizes gamified learning techniques, visual associations, and interactive challenges to help users memorize and retain Spanish vocabulary effectively. It emphasizes visual learning and quick language acquisition.


  • Engaging and visually appealing learning experience, effective for vocabulary acquisition, and convenient for short, daily learning sessions


  • Limited focus on grammar and in-depth language structure, potentially less effective for learners seeking comprehensive language skills beyond vocabulary


You can start learning Spanish for free, but you also have the option to upgrade to a paid subscription that goes from €12.54 a month to €154.37 for lifetime access.

12 best apps for learning Spanish

Bonus: FabuLingua

This one is for the little humans in the house. FabuLingua is an interactive language learning app designed specifically for children, offering a fun and engaging way to learn Spanish through captivating stories and interactive activities.

Ideal for young children and beginners aiming to learn Spanish in a fun way, FabuLingua caters to kids interested in exploring the Spanish language through immersive storytelling and interactive language exercises, like storybooks with animated illustrations and engaging narratives to introduce children to Spanish vocabulary and phrases. 

The app incorporates games, activities, and comprehension exercises to reinforce Spanish learning in a playful and interactive manner.


  • Engaging and interactive storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and interactive language exercises tailored to young learners. It fosters a love for language learning at an early age and encourages cultural exploration through engaging narratives.


  • Limited content for advanced language learners and older age groups, potentially less suitable for individuals seeking comprehensive grammar instruction.


Prices go from $8.99 a month to $69.99 billed yearly. The app also provides a trial period.

Learn Spanish with Lingvist

Choosing the best Spanish learning app from all the options

  • Preferred learning style

Pay attention to the types of methods that have been more effective for your learning in the past. Not everything works for everyone. You can find good options if you prefer a gamified and interactive approach with a focus on vocabulary and basic language skills, or if you  prefer immersive video content and real-world context. 

  • Level of help or training required

If you are a total beginner, maybe you would like to skip the live classes and real-time language practice for now while you build up your vocabulary. Depending on your needs, you would take into consideration the amount of guidance and interactive learning experience.

  • Purpose of learning Spanish

Do you want to learn Spanish for fun, business, travel, or for having conversations with a loved one in their native language? If your goal is to build a strong foundation in Spanish for academic or professional purposes, Lingvist can offer a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Time available for learning Spanish

Apps like Lingvist, Drops, and Duolingo are suitable for short, daily learning sessions, making them ideal for users with limited time.

Lingoda’s live classes might require a more structured time commitment, while self-paced apps like Memrise and FluentU can accommodate flexible learning schedules.

  • Budget

Tandem, Duolingo, Drops, and Memrise offer free versions with the option to upgrade to premium subscriptions for additional features.

Lingvist has a subscription-only model with no ads, all features unlocked, and offers a free two-week trial at a relatively low cost, compared to other platforms.

Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, and Lingoda may have higher price points for their comprehensive language courses and the technology behind the experience.

Considering these factors, the best language learning app for you would depend on your specific preferences, learning objectives, time constraints, and budgetary considerations. It’s essential to choose an app that aligns with your learning style and provides the resources and support you need to achieve your Spanish language learning goals effectively.

Learn Spanish quickly and properly 

Mastering Spanish is more than just possible, it is also fun. It’s not merely an intellectual pursuit, but a gateway to a world rich with cultural depth and global connections. As we delve into the realm of language learning apps, it becomes evident that the journey to learning Spanish online is as diverse as the language itself.

Whether seeking to embrace the vibrancy of Spanish for personal enrichment, professional advancement, or seamless communication with loved ones, the apps available offer a tailored approach to cater to diverse learning needs and preferences.

Have you made up your mind yet? If you need another second to decide, you can check out our Spanish learning page. Check the guide to explore all of the resources that our team of linguists have created for you. Working with a strong foundation in vocabulary will make it much easier to apply grammatical concepts. You’ll speak fluently in record time!

What better moment to start achieving your dreams and opening new doors in your life! Learn Spanish with enthusiasm, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to embracing its beauty and the richness of its heritage. ¡Buena suerte!


1. What is the best app to use for learning Spanish?

Lingvist has been chosen as the best app for learning Spanish in 2024 due to its AI technology that helps improve your Spanish vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes per day.

2. What is the best and fastest app to learn Spanish?

The Lingvist app offers a scientific approach and advanced technology to learn Spanish fast. 

3. Is there a good free app to learn Spanish?

Yes. Tandem, Duolingo, Drops, and Memrise offer free versions for Spanish learning, with the option to upgrade to premium subscriptions for additional features.

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